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About the Album //

In February 2012, I released a five song EP titled "Come & Listen,” an album exploring the tension between brokenness and hope. As I began to pull songs together for this album, I realized how much these songs often represent the tension in my own heart. Pain and hope. Brokenness and healing. Light and dark. As a person of faith, I find myself often living in that tension as I try to follow the way of Jesus and I wanted to explore that concept with this album. I still find these themes more relevant than ever.


The title for the EP comes from two passages in Old Testament scripture: Isaiah chapter 55, which presents an invitation to the thirsty, hungry, and hurting to come and listen; to eat, and be filled, and find Life. And Psalm 66, in which the Psalmist proclaims the goodness of God, inviting his audience to listen to the story of what the Lord has done for him. It's my hope that this album reflects that spirit.

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About the Artist //

Landon grew up beneath the crazy big skies of Kansas, spent time living next to the ocean in southern Virginia, and now makes his home in the shadow of the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. His acoustic driven sound is eclectically soulful and passionate, bringing together influences that range from folk and blues to indie and rock, melding them into a uniquely colorful sound. As a singer/songwriter, performer and worship leader Landon has played across the country for audiences in a wide range of venues from large seaside amphitheaters to churches to intimate house shows. Landon currently lives in Denver with his beautifully talented wife and two amazing, energetic children.

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